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Doctor Monica

Your Awakening Journey can be very different depending on your core essence being masculine or feminine.

As a feminine woman I am sure that you’re involved in many roles, from the role of the daughter, to being a mother, worker, wife, lover, witch, woman entrepreneur, sister…

From our feminine sensitivity, trying to “reach everything” makes you in a new role called the “perfect woman” who, without having awakened your feminine essence, takes you to a place of feeling “dry” and “wilt” on the inside, coming out to the world from a sense of resentment, tiredness, depression, and in many cases the pain of living disconnected from yourself and others.

As women we have our unique way of engaging with life. To know your Feminine Essence, Feminine psychology and Feminine way of Awakening (where you use your daily life as your Awakening Journey) will make you in track towards feeling fulfilled, happy and attractive to all your heart desires.

The Divine Feminine in you is that part of you which is one with the flow of life, with the Feminine Wisdom that knows that your “raison d’ être” is to Enjoy, to Trust, to Love and Radiate your Light and Inner Beauty in Your Own Dance of Life.

The Divine Masculine in you is that part of you who loves clarity, direction and knows how to uplift and make our world a better place. As a masculine man your Awakening Journey will embrace your old masculine-fearful-macho role or your new weak-passive-failure masculine afraid to hurt to discover your True Power.

The fact that you are here indicates that somehow your “call” to your Awakening is being noticed and made me appear in your life to support your Awakening and to help you discover and enjoy YourSelf and Your Life fully.

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Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to investigate my work. I wish you a life full of Expansion and joy and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in one of my Workshops, Awakening Coaching or Coaching the Feminine Way programs. 

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