After mastering our mental and emotional bodies, today I want to show you a tip on how to embody your feminine power and experience your Feminine Presence, not only when you think or feel but also when you stand up, move or walk.

To be Feminine is to be in your body, to embody the spirit that you are in your feminine body is the gift you can offer as the expression of the Divine that your body is.

For a Feminine Woman the pelvis and the womb are the most powerful places you can find your Authentic Power. From there you go up to your heart, but if you are not grounded you are losing your feminine power.

Become conscious of your body …. Stand up and feel your legs flexibly grounded in Mother Earth, feel your “verticality” and openness to the Father Sky…. ….. how do you feel?….. Now look for a point or place located in your lower belly, bellow your navel and inside your body where your womb resides, bring your full attention there and observe, how do you feel?

If you feel grounded and empowered, slowly move a little and walk around without losing your attention inside your belly. After a moment gently question “Why can I embody my feminine power?” and get familiar with this new frequency in your body…. Move from here, talk from here, dance from here and make love from here. Then, let me know your realization.

Next time you have a conversation or walk on the beach or you go to the supermarket, remember to take the time to be in your body, especially in your Feminine Power Center and enjoy the effect that your Feminine Presence has, when you consciously embody the Love, Beauty and Power that you are. Be ready to get a lot of attention!

Let me know your experience or comment.  I love to hear from you and to serve you!
LOVE, Monica