There is a lot of movement today about saving and loving our planet. I love to see more respect and love for Mother Earth but what I would like to point today is how easily we miss the respect and love towards our own bodies. Like Mother Earth, our bodies are a miracle!

Have you spend time truly appreciating and loving your body? If you do not know how to love and appreciate your body you do not know how to love and appreciate Mother Earth. They both go together!

Your body is a temple for your spirit here on earth and a temporary expression of the Divine (like Mother Earth is) and it is a wonderful tool for us to discover our True Nature or who we are beyond the physical body.

Sometimes we look for Mother Nature to inspire or relax us. Her power is incredible, and it is beautiful to see that your body is also Nature. Can you enjoy your body as you enjoy Nature? Can you listen and feel your body as you listen and feel Nature?

Let begin today with offering our deep listening to our bodies. Take the time to bring your attention to your hands…… can you notice the aliveness in there?

Next month we can expand and include our entire body. If you are a woman, like I am, you can honor your femininity by listening deeply to your feminine organs. I guaranty that they will teach you immensely about your True Nature, Love and authentic Power.

If you want to practice and to grow in this direction, purchase the “Celebrating Your Feminine Essence” meditation that I have here and enjoy the beauty and wisdom of your feminine body.

Let me know your comments…. I love them!
To your DELICIOUS life!
LOVE, Monica