Happy Summer!

Inspired by son Alejandro a great surfer I wrote…

Do you want to learn how to “surf” your life? Or do you prefer to keep fighting the situations you encounter?

To surf the waves without getting in the water is not possible, and with life is the same thing, wanting to live without jumping directly into your life is not possible.

You can spend your life talking about it or you can jump into it, experiencing it fully enjoying the waves that come to you to teach you about life and who you are.

When you don’t know that the life you have is here for you and your inner growth, you spend your life thinking about it or wanting to be somewhere else in the future or in another life that you try to imagine.

In this time of accelerated change, personally and planetary, you need to know how to “embrace” yourself in the depth of your Being so you can experience life in its totality and then discover your lessons, accept your moment and enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of your Self.

What does it mean to experience life?….. to live it fully, feel it, test it, savor it, contemplate it from the Silence that you are with an open heart that allows every moment as it is. It means to respect your life-experience as the path you chose to encounter your Self, discovering then deep and rich parts of yourself you have not imagine before.

When you know how to surfer life you do not resist its waves you enjoy surfing them, you become one with the wave of the moment, you let yourself being taken by the wave deepening your learning about flowing, trusting, the beauty and the safety you feel when you are “synchronized” with the moment.

The same thing happens with life when, instead of focusing outside of you (the economy, the other, your ideas about this or that) and be the victim of it, you decide to look inside yourself to discover life in its depth encountering then the immense power you have to simple Be You. Here is where you realized that your entire life was waking you up!

This path of self realization is not a theory to discuss or to explain mentally, it goes far beyond logical understanding, this path is an art, is the mastery you conquer when you fully walk or surf your life.

How can I surf my life with Grace and Ease?
Ask from your heart and observe what happens.

Remember to let me know your comments!
LOVE, Monica