When we do not have enough money* we think that with some more money we will feel better. We work harder, we play lottery, we ask for money to a friend or family member, etc. And yes, the good news is that if we get some money* we feel better and the bad news is that pretty soon we catch ourselves in the same place than before, suffering because money*. At the end what we do is to delay our liberation!

To stop dancing around struggling with money* you have to STOP and face your relationship with money*.  This is easier said than done because to truly face money* will force you to go inward and to seriously look at your own experience instead of staying on the surface complaining about the situation.

When you realize that the financial “crisis” is not outside and when you surrender to your awakening journey that tells you that not only the “crisis” is in you then you can change forever. You are the one disconnected from yourSelf, from your own Source of Abundance, Ease and Love.

Money* is here telling you that the Source of Money*is inside and not outside! 

Let me give you 3 steps to support your connection with Source:

1-      Stop and offer some “space” or Silence to your moment with Money*. Give it  permission, relax and allow the Silence to embrace your experience. Whatever your experience is, from feeling insecure to feeling despair.

2-      Are you ready to let go of your perception? Take a nice breath and from this sense of permission or surrendering to your moment connect with the depth of your heart and check if you are ready to free your perception and experience. Gently ask “why can I let go of this perception?”……. and allow the Silence to respond to you, do not force or figure out a way of fixing, escaping or ignore your moment. This Creative Question will direct your curiosity and creative power towards releasing your limitation.

3-      Enjoy and celebrate how at this very moment you feel Ok, peaceful or gentle and allow this frequency to fuel your physical body, emotional body, mental body and energetic body. Simply allow this frequency to be in your body and all around for a minute or so and then say thank you to you, to money* and to the Presence-Source that you are. It is much easier to manifest Money* from this frequency than from fear, insecurity or complain.

This work is much easier done with a Coach than by yourself alone. Take the time to explore with who you resonate so you can accelerate your journey and easily find the “Source in You”. Abundance is your birthright; prosperity is waiting for you to be who you truly are.  Are you ready to welcome the New You, already connected with Source, Ease and Grace!

In Gratitude and Service!
LOVE, Monica

P.S.: Money* is here to guide you in finding your connection with the Divine so you can enjoy Money* to support you in expressing yourSelf fully and completely in this world.