Money, like You, is made of Unconditional Love or consciousness and as such it is a powerful mirror for you to see your relationship with your own Self. The more gentle, loving, supportive and attentive you are with You, the more you vibrate in this high frequency and the more the energy of Money will show up in your life.

It is important to have a great relationship with yourself so you can have a great relationship with Money. The other way around, in the consciousness that is unfolding today, is not possible, so do not wait until you have money to love yourself or to love Money, begin now!

Here are 3 keys to your Abundant Money based on a fantastic relationship with yourself that will affect your relationship with Money:

1- Receiving Support: How good are you at asking and receiving support? This is a major key in your abundance of Money. Money as a Divine energy is here to support you so if you are not good a receiving support you will not be good at receiving Money. You can practice with the Creative Question “Why it is easy for me to receive support?” and let the question to work for you, play with it for a week and see how your capacity to ask and receive begins to change.

2- Feeling Respectful: How much do you respect Money? The energy of respect vibrates as “care and value” and both components are important for you to grow your abundant Money. For a week try to observe and truly respect Money. Every time that you think, talk, see or touch Money see if you are respectful or not. The more you respect and love your Money the more it will show up in your life.

3- Expressing Gratitude: This is another important key to your abundant Money. Gratitude is already vibrating in abundance and from abundance is much easier to create and attract Money. Play with saying THANK YOU! Every time you use money. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Why can you LOVE MONEY?
This a great Creative Question for you to play with and please remember to let me know your comments, ok?

LOVE, Monica