Every year I take the time to focus on some concrete growth for myself. Knowing how important our mental body and beliefs are, when it comes to our experience of life, I use the Creative Questions cards. The Creative Question I use to pick my New Year card is “What is the support I need at this moment in my life?”

As you may know, all Creative Questions are supporting you to educate your mind to be in alignment with Truth. So, when I am going to pick a Creative Question card, I center myself for a moment. I take a nice deep breath, while holding the Creative Question card deck close to my heart and then I pick the card that calls to me….

At the beginning of last year I picked the card “Why Am I Admired?”. First I could not understand the deep meaning that it had for me… I put the Creative Question on my “treasure map” and looked at it and played with it now and then; it has been with me for the whole year; present in my consciousness and silently doing its job, in the back of my mind. At the end of 2011, I saw how many times I had been admired and how much easier it has become for me to accept acknowledgment. I have gotten a deep sense of confidence and I have become more open to show up in the world with ease and grace.

This year I did the same ceremony and I got “Why Am I Celebrated?” Wow, looks like I need some more growth in this direction I said and I could notice how in a subtle way I was resisting it, “more?”.

Well, in the first week of 2012 I had a private coaching session where I realized that much of my “value” came from all that I do for others and that now it was time for me to find the essence of feeling “valuable”, by simply being who I am, without having to give love, support, comfort, etc.

These qualities of love, support, comfort, etc. are something I offer all the time, and many times without choice or “space” to allow the perfect action to appear… which means that I act on automatic. What is important is that I can realize that, unconsciously, when that happens, I am coming from the understanding that “I am valuable only when I give”. This is something I learned when I was around 4 years old and that come from a place of “needing to be loved or important or valued”. I know this topic mentally talking, but now I have taken my time to embrace and liberate “little Monica” and her need for love, because she had a deep sense of “not being valuable”. Now I observe “where I engage from, when I am in giving mode?”. I have already caught myself several times, giving support when I was actually wanting to do something else. I laugh about it and embrace myself, and I keep embracing this pattern with love and respect, so it can go back to Source.

One week later, on my birthday, I started to notice that I can be much more present and allow the moment to unfold without having to help or give anything in an automatic way. I noticed that I can give a lot of support having Monica’s needs and wishes also present and that I am learning to be more truthful to me and to others.

Asking this Creative Question I can acknowledge that YES! I am celebrated in many ways,….. as a radiant-loving-powerful woman when I dance and have fun with my friends; as a mother when I have a heart to heart conversation with my son; as a friend when I speak my truth; as a spiritual life coach and Divine Feminine teacher when I “take in” the gratitude my clients and participants share with me for their deep transformation and new ability to enjoy life; and as a living, breathing example of Divinity itself when I feel my heart and connection with Source.

No idea where this powerful Creative Question will bring me at the end of 2012 but for now I just say THANK YOU! And allow it to work for me. Why Am I Celebrated?…. How Do I Feel When I Am Celebrated?

What is your Creative Questions for 2012?

LOVE, Monica
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