Just back from an incredible retreat with Goddess Inanna.

“SHE” is very powerful, open to experience life fully with a deep understanding of the “impermanence” of forms….. making peace with death and detaching from identifications and possessions to finally live LIFE FREE and in-love to it, PASSIONATELY IN LOVE TO LIFE…. AMAZING!!! Thank you Inanna. Thank you to all powerful women who participated in this sacred circle and Thank you Karine Rodengen and Leah Bella Attie for producing this amazing opportunity for women to embody and express Truth.


Here is a GIFT from one of our participants

After the Cave – In Solitude
I can feel my breath
My chest is a container
of air, of oxygen, of LIFE.
I can feel my breath
breathing free, full, untamed
I breathe in
I breathe out
I breathe in
the stillness of knowing who I am
With of without a man
Alone or in the company of men
Admired or ignored
Alone or surrounded by them
My breath breathes in
My breath breathes out
My breath breathes me
I am alone. I am myself.
(Maggie Mauer
April 13, 2013)

Inanna…. Such a gift for us women to step into our capacity to EMBRACE and FREE LIFE…PASSIONATELY IN LOVE TO LIFE!