Hello, I have great news that I want to share with you.

First, our “temporary move” to Costa Rica became a “definitive for now” move. We just bought a new house inside the jungle with an amazing ocean view and a lot of space to enjoy and do our Private Intensives, Workshops and Retreats.


Second, after almost 6 years of personal transformation on my own Awakening journey and being more rooted here in Costa Rica, I feel a new “activation” in my work that I am excited to share.

At this time of our evolution, we are all going through powerful transformations and many times it is not so easy to surrender and enjoy the journey.

Talking from experience, to have your own private Awakening Coach is an amazing support. So, if you are going through a difficult situation, personal, physical, spiritual, financial or relational, I encourage you to explore the possibility of supporting yourself having me as your private Awakening Coach.

Explore www.CoachingTheFeminineWay.com And see if you “resonate” with this Awakening support.

If yes, on the right hand side of this page, register for a FREE EXPLORATION SESSION with me so you can see how any difficulty you are experiencing is here for you to wake up, free yourself and enjoy your life.

In a private session it is very easy to feel safe and open up to “territories” that can be difficult to see by yourself. To have your own private Coach is a  powerful way to truly take care of yourself, to free yourself from wounds and limitations and to open  up to your magnificence and wonderful life.

Register for your free Exploration Session on the right side of this page now and enjoy.

Also as a “restart” impulse, during this month of September, I am offering a $600 discount on my year-long coaching program. Space is limited, so if you “resonate” with this invitation register for your FREE Exploration Session Now!

I look forward to supporting you on your Awakening Journey  and to enjoy the unfoldment of your magnificence.

In Service and Gratitude,
LOVE, Monica

P.S. Here is what one of my clients shared…
“This year of coaching has evoked a deep change within myself. Before I started, I was completely identified with the wounds and the pain. And hooked up to the illusion of believing that all that was really me. Today, after working with Doctor Mónica, I feel free, joyful and capable of embracing and liberating anything life brings upon myself. At a professional level, I’d like to thank you Mónica for all your support! Thanks to you, today I feel very prepared and I enjoy a clear sense of my own WORTHINESS and my value as a coach. I’ve been able to project this healthy sense of trust and security into my clients, and I’ve witnessed the change and improvement in their lives.”
Itzel Compañ 
Relationship Coach