Have you noticed that life pushes you to your own Awakening?

Today, it is easier than ever to discover and experience your True Self while really letting go of the illusion of separation, fear, scarcity or any other limitation.

We are addicted to run our “ego movie” and it is very powerful to see this from the eyes of our True Self. Your True Self has the capacity to dissolve the suffering and to show you the Truth that is behind all appearance.

At the same time that it is easier to free yourself it is also more painful than ever to resist the evolution of your consciousness.

If you are tired of going around “fixing” yourself, then it is your time to really explore and see what is true and what is not. Then you are ready to stop, “face” yourself and wake up.

One of my clients said:

“Working with Doctor Mónica has had an impact on my life on many levels. At the most basic level, Monica has helped me discover my true nature and each week she gives me an opportunity to see more clearly who I am beyond my roles in daily life.I have discovered how to be more aware of my deepest feelings without being consumed by them, enabling my true self to be revealed. Each time I meet with Monica she creates the space for me to safely listen to what my body and heart want me to hear. Over time I have come to really understand that my feelings will melt more easily if I open to them without judgment. Listening carefully and respecting the messages my body and heart offer have enabled my body to trust me. This in turn has made it easier for me to trust life.On a very practical level,…
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I invite you to explore the possibility of having your own private Awakening Coach. To have an Awakening Coach will support the unfolding of your magnificence with ease and grace.

Want to try? Register, on the right side of this page, for a FREE EXPLORATION SESSION with me so you can see how any difficulty is here for you to wake up, free yourself and enjoy your life.

Self-discovery is a gift you can give to yourself. Consider Private Coaching as a powerful way to support your Awakening Journey.

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Are you open to explore and support your Awakening Journey?

If you are, I am here for YOU!

In Service and Gratitude,
LOVE, Monica

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P.S.S. If you sense the importance of our Awakening Journey, please share with your friends and family, many people are suffering today and our life journey can be much easier than what many people are experiencing. Thank you!