In an Intimate Relationship and as a Conscious Feminine Woman your are the Light that Awakens him. 

The Divine Feminine is supporting us, Conscious Women, to make love with our bodies. The more you embody LOVE, the more you love your body, every cell, organ and part of your body, the more you breathe love in and out, the more you enjoy your body, being comfortable in it, trusting it, listening to it, feeling it, being it, the more you are going to be the Light that Awakens your Conscious Masculine partner.  

In our culture, it is not so easy to be the pleasurable, radiant body we are meant to be. We are all very busy mentally and dedicated to tasks and to “doing” instead of being relaxed, joyful, fulfilled and radiating happiness; which will be very attractive to a conscious masculine partner. It has to be a conscious choice to embark in a Conscious Feminine Journey to support the healing of “separation” between Body and Spirit, Masculine and Feminine. 

When you are fully in your body, you sense-feel, not only yourSelf but your masculine partner and all around. You, in your body, become the sacred, devotional and responsive LOVE HEART through your entire body. No mind involved, your body expression and feelings will guide the moment by moving, touching, breathing, looking and constantly changing inspiring your masculine partner to ground and embody his powerful Consciousness that witness and feels the Feminine-Light as his own radiance.