As Feminine women we cannot relate with Mo*ney* the way our masculine culture does. As conscious women we can “feel” Mo*ney* and all its scarcity/fearful memories and we can also feel the Love and Divine Support is meant to be.

The Feminine in all of us, is waking us up to “clean up” the old and have a new way of relating with Money, the way of LOVE.

The Feminine will invite you to have a sacred relationship with Money where receptivity and attractiveness is the magnetic force to manifest your abundance and joy.

Until now we have engaged with Money from the outside in, thinking that money is outside ourselves and that it will give us peace, safety, joy, freedom, etc. all qualities you already have (are) at the core of yourself.

As conscious Feminine women we can notice and feel the frequency of love and Oneness in Mo*ney* follow this 3 simple steps to engage with Mo*ney in a Feminine way:

1-    Take the time to be in your body: It is much easier to be grounded  open and receptive to the Mo*ney* energy when you are in your body than when you are in your head. Consciously chose to be in your belly. If you know me already remember how easy it is to bring your attention to your belly or to simply walk from your pelvis. This intention will ground you in your body and in present time.

2-    Notice how do you feel when you relate with Mo*ney*: until you know the frequency that you are emanating when you relate with Mo*ney* you will always see money as something outside of you when it is not. Mo*ney* is YOU! Begin by noticing your energetic field and the energetic field of Mo*ney* and your response to it!

3-    Open yourself up to embrace all the memories you have associated with Mo*ney*: Learn how to embrace and liberate the old consciousness and memories of scarcity, fear and powerless that are reflected in your Mo*ney* and be willing to let that frequency go back to Source. Give permission to the insecurities or “not enough” feelings you are experiencing with out reafirming them with your stories. Begin to feel your core center, your belly, your “home” where “all is well” and where safety, abundance and ease resides. From here allow this frequency to expand and see if you can embody it. Feeling safe from the inside out is key to your abundance.

Little by little Mo*ney becomes your ally and very soon you will see that Mo*ney* reflects your capacity to receive; to receive support and to enjoy your unique life.  You will pretty soon realize that your new frequency of Oneness is in you, here and now and as such, Mo*ney* is here.

Have a great Mo*ney* Journey!
LOVE, Monica

P.S.: To know about my own Mo*ney* journey and my new Mo*ney* Oneness course Contact Me and enjoy the Mo*ney* is here intro and meditation! and please let me know your comments, I love to know your experience…