Something about my life….

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Today I am in love to life! I love to experience my life fully and to discover the amazing miracle that we all are.





My past has been a life of, search and meeting
our reason for being and existence,nautilus
not satisfying me any of the answers
found from the outside I dived within,
exploring the belly and
labyrinths of my personality
and life.


I have delved into different techniques of personal and spiritual growth as psychology, Zen meditation, Yoga, Reiki, A Course In Miracles, Rebirthing… and I have been guided by spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, David Deida, Jeddah Mali, Gangaji, Abraham-Hicks…

Costa-Rica-2012-018-219x300Mother of a wonderful son with whom I could learn and enjoy much of the energy of mother, unconditional love, respect and freedom.

After working as a Medico Estomatologo (M.D. D.D.S.) for 14 years in Bilbao, and through the pain of a divorce and the transformation that entails, in 1994 I change my residence to the United States. After finding “my spiritual journey”, I decided to devote myself to what most excites me that is to help human beings to discover their true happiness. That happiness, without condition, timeless, based on a State of consciousness or Being.


Here, I became a Life Coach for Personal transformation and Spiritual Awakening. I am the founder of “Feminine Presence” and “Coaching The Feminine Way”, which helps women to improve their lives and their relationships through finding their authentic power, love and beauty.

Founder of “Goddess Inspiration”, in 1996, a way to embrace and awaken the feminine aspect of creation through understanding our psychology and path as women.

Through meeting with the Archetypes of the Greek Goddesses and releasing identifications or conditioning that keep us in suffering and through developing our Loving Presence we can enjoy and offer to the world our true and powerful Feminine Presence.

In the year 2000 I co-create with my beloved and business partner Arne Rantzen the wonderful Creative Questions, which help us to wake up our feminine mind and balance our creative thinking.

2011 wakes up in me my “Conscious Entrepreneur” and the deep desire to manifest financial freedom in my life, and in the life of whomever has the same intention, through waking up, embodying and expressing the prosperity consciousness of our True Nature. Go to to receive our free videos and be supported as a Conscious Entrepreneur! 

Arne Monica July 2015Today, I live with my beloved, for more than 20 years, Arne Rantzen, and thanks to the technology of our times we can both work with our business from all over the world. We live between Costa Rica and Florida and I love to travel to Spain and France to spend time with my son Alejandro, other relatives and friends. My hobbies are sailing, tennis, nature adventures and retreats.

And, after many years of “Goddess Inspiration” today I can say that I enjoy and trust my “wise inner Woman” and that I am passionate with life and with all what we can be do or have, when we learn to live life as our sacred path to our awakening. 

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LOVE, Monica