Where is HOME? What is HOME? For me, my BODY is my HOME.

I love my HOME, I love to feel my body, to accept-love my body unconditionally, to appreciate my body, to listen to my body, to trust my body, to feel comfortable in my body, to enjoy my body…… I LOVE MY HOME!

After many years of looking for HOME, guidance, love, attention, approval, etc. outside myself I finally, felt “the call” to look inside myself. Maybe it is maturity…. At one point of our lives we can realize that the source of love, happiness, health, wealth, beauty and all what we want is inside and not outside. The Source is at HOME!

To switch from “Source outside” to “Source inside” is to open the door of freedom. To switch from “HOME somewhere else” to “HOME inside” is to ground and center yourself so you can be the expression of your Soul and authentic with you and the world.

Many times we are busy in our heads, knowing it all or we are unconscious acting out our conditioning, wounds or traumas that we need to have some kind of pain or dis-ease to finally bring attention to our HOME-BODY so we can be at HOME.

Let’s focus on being at HOME before it gets to painful. To be at HOME begins with choosing to spend time with you and only you. Some quiet time with yourself, in Nature or in your bedroom, bath tub or living room. Taking the time to be in your body, to feel it, to love it and appreciate it.

How do you embody your HOME? You begin with a clear intention, innocent curiosity and a lot of respect and love.

For a feminine woman it is natural to be at HOME and yet until you value and wake up your Feminine Essence it can be a little foreign.

You can begin with bringing the attention of your mind into your HEART and quietly start to feel this powerful area of your HOME. Focus on love and breathe in and out this loving attention that you are. Fill up your BODY with this loving attention until you notice that your exhale is also full of love and it is surrounding your HOME with love.

How do you feel? How your HOME-BODY responds to this new way of engaging with it?

Stay here for a moment and then bring your attention into the WOMB space of your HOME-BODY and breathe inside your pelvis feeling this area and observing what happen when you do that. What do you notice?

Then, practice to open your eyes while staying grounded at HOME.

Then, practice to stand up and go for a walk being grounded and centered in your body.

How does it feel? What do you notice?

Play with this little but powerful practice until you can  be at HOME naturally while doing whatever it is you do.

Let me know of your experience, questions and progress. I love to hear from you!

May you be blessed at HOME!
LOVE, Monica