I love this article about …. BIRTHING THE SACRED FEMININE, A NEW FREQUENCY OF THE HEART .. by Amoda Maa From the beautiful One The Magazine … Enjoy!


There’s a new frequency arising … the frequency of the sacred feminine. It’s the capacity to give birth to something new, the innate impulse to co-create, to collaborate and to nurture.

Whilst this is more easily expressed in women due to their biological function to give birth to a new life-form, it’s a frequency that is latent in each of us. Today, it’s available to both women and men. It’s no longer a biological birthing but a psychological birthing that is happening on both on a personal and a planetary level. We are giving birth to a new consciousness that wholeheartedly embraces the transient but undeniable reality of the human experience within the infinite ocean of awakeness. It’s a love affair between earth and heaven that has the potential to give birth to a radically new world in which we are – metaphorically – both the “mother” and the “child”.

As the mother, we’re called to embody an inner steadfastness in the face of the unknown, an unflappable groundedness in the midst of chaos, an unconditional acceptance of the movement of life that includes birth, death and everything in between, and an unshakable faith in the sacredness of life in all its expressions.

As the child, we’re called to embody a soft-bellied innocence, a fresh-eyed perspective rooted in present-moment awareness, a vibrant embrace of the unfolding nature of present-moment experience, and an unstoppable vision of humanity’s infinite potential.

Whether you are a mother, a father, whether you are young or old, and whether you are a man or a woman, the archetypes of “mother” and “child” – we could also call these the qualities of being and becoming – are alive in you right now, in this very moment.

Be silent, dear friend, and know yourself as this that is beyond gender. Be still, dear friend, and discover a power that can move mountains and create universes.

Amoda Maa