The Awakening of the Feminine
by Monica Garaycoechea M.D. (Doctor Monica)

It is spring and I can feel the pull towards coming out fresh and new, expressing myself enjoying the dance of life-love, the aliveness and the passion of making love with everything.

Time goes by and the fulfillment of the summer recollecting the fruits of passion and love begin to be noticed. Life-Love is very visible; “she” is offering “her” gifts to everyone, unconditionally and freely. All become still, the trees are completely flourished and a sense of being at the “pick” can be noticed.

Time goes by and the fall opens her arms. The life-love force that was pushing outwards start to decrease, more than that it begins to retreat. I can feel the days getting shorter and the nights longer. The sensation of introversion begins reaching its core where there is no movement at all. Winter is here! Silence and death, emptiness and darkness are here. Quiet, respectful, relaxed and safe, I allow the cycle and initiation of LIFE-LOVE. The temporary forms that showed up in the matrix of the Goddess are reabsorbed in her womb. It feels safe and peaceful, no time, no need, no agenda. There is only trust and certainty that LIFE-LOVE is eternal and that everything is possible. Like a tree, I allowed my old ‘me’ to dissolve and don’t know how I will show up. I know that the more I let go and the more I trust, the more I will encounter, express and enjoy the Divine Creation that I am.

To embrace the cycle of birth and death in your own life is to discover the part of you that is eternal, the part of you that fuels the temporary form you are experiencing right now. To wake up the Feminine is to embrace LIFE-LOVE in its fullest, the light and the dark, the eternal and the temporary, the spiritual and the material dimensions. The Feminine is Life-Love Force itself expressing and retracting eternally!

When you make peace with LIFE-LOVE you begin to accept your physical body as a temporary temple of the eternal. You begin to make love with the cycles of life and you begin to discover the respect, compassion and love that flow from experiencing life fully and completely.

The Awakening of the Feminine is a very powerful journey that brings you from fear to love. From the fear that appears when you identify with your temporary physical form, emotions or thoughts to the love of consciously knowing that you are the “matrix” or consciousness, eternal, unlimited silence, pure potential where these temporary forms appear and disappear for the pleasure and joy of creation.

When you are conscious of the Feminine you can only respect and honor Life-Love. In man and women, our conscious Feminine frequency will say yes to what is in the moment, unconditionally, compassionately and freely. The Feminine is LIFE-LOVE, but not the life you would like based on your ideas of what is good or bad, “she” loves life the way it is now. Fear, pain, sorrow, fight, death and birth, joy, love, beauty and fulfillment are all experiences of life which deep in it, contain the wisdom of real LIFE-LOVE.

From your Feminine power you will never judge life you will ‘be’ it or ‘be’ with it unconditionally and open. From experiencing life you will learn and grow until you open your heart so fully and completely that you can only be who you truly are LIFE-LOVE expressing itself. You will “see-feel” the beauty, passion, fulfillment, abundance, peace, joy and expansion that LIFE-LOVE is, always was and will always be. From here, supported by your mind and heart you will co-create your new life-love.

To be Feminine today is to embody your spirit, your silence or Loving Presence. To engage with your world and daily life from your open, maybe wounded, heart embraced by your Loving Presence inside your body and all around. It is to walk, talk, dance and cry with an open heart, fully committed to be present of each moment.

Now we are at peace with matter. When we, women can embody our spirits or LIFE-LOVE is when we can serve this world. This sounds easy but the truth is that we spend our time up on the head, thinking life instead of living it. And it is understandable, until now the physical body was a symbol of separation and a tool to create more separation. When you don’t know your True Nature you will see “bodies” as separated from you and you will continue with the physical perception and reality of separation, looking for the Source outside and running the show of suffering.

It takes courage to choose to awaken. Your body holds a lot of memories of guilt, shame and fear that need to be released and that is why many of us we are conscious of our bodies only when we have some pain or sickness. The rest of the time we are dreaming, thinking, doing, unconscious of the beauty, love and joy there is beyond the veils of separation.

I looked for the awakening all my adult life, and I only found the simplicity of living my life with an open heart, feeling every second of my life, being lovingly present for my experience and for the moment, allowing life to unfold.

To be feminine is not only to enjoy beauty, creativity, skirts, makeup, motherhood or Mother Earth, to be feminine requires to be grounded and present in your body and sensations. Unconditionally welcoming whatever shows up in your moment. To be feminine is to taste and express real compassion, the compassion that offers your full attention, when you can passionately be present with the moment even when it is painful for us to see suffering or pain in others. Curious, open and one with the Truth that “all is well” right here right now. The Loving Presence that you are is the best balsamic, peaceful, quiet, safe and loving gift you can offer. Always open to the ‘prefect’ enfoldment of life you will experience how Love is the miracle, and when you truly love, when you are one with, you will see how life takes care of “her” self.

I teach and coach women the Feminine Way.