Your Daily Life
is Your Spiritual Path!

From the eyes of Truth, every situation in your life is a choice and an opportunity for your Awakening. It is teaching you something and it is expanding your capacity to be who you truly are: Pure JOY, FULFILLMENT, LOVE, BEAUTY, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE, TRUST… which will propel you to ENJOYING YOURSELF and LIFE fully.

Your health, body-mind-emotions, relationships, work, finances, intimacy, etc. are here for you and your Awakening.

Using your daily life as a Spiritual Practice will transform You:

  • From being tired, depressed or resentful to a deep understanding of how sacred every experience is.
  • From victim-hood to feeling empowered and confident.
  • From blaming to enjoying responsibility and growth.
  • From being dependent and conditionally loving to be free and love unconditionally.
  • From struggle and pushing your way to ease and allowing the best for you and everyone involved.
  • From abandonment and loneliness to fulfillment and happiness.

My intention and desire as the Awakening Coach or Coaching The Feminine Way is… To support you to Discover your True Nature or Inner Being, to Know YourSelf! To guide you in the Release of your shadows, wounds, memories and limitations that cover up your radiance. To support you to Educate your mind to be at the service of your True Nature. To guide you to Enjoy the balance between your feminine and masculine aspects so you can live in fullness the sacred dance of life. And finally, to support you to Achieve your Heart Desires.
Although I am excited about supporting women, I also like to be at the service of the “Man with Heart” open to his Conscious Masculine. Here’s a testimony of one of them…

radiant-heart“Thank you for your support, your guidance and teachings, are very important for me because even on the phone, I could experience them with a great depth of feeling and kept that experience with a calm mind and an awake heart, and those experiences are priceless. They are also inexplicable if you do not experience them. I do not know how is your work with other people, but I have certainly found a way for my awakening, simple and direct than and even though I have done many work with myself, I did not reach this intensity and duration of contact with the Source, to this active and trans-formative stillness. In the future I hope to see you again, I hope that in person and thus I can have a complete training of your way of working.” Carlos Agut Fernandez – psychologist- (Castellón/Spain)

When it comes to enjoying your desires or projects…

the beauty of pregnancyBesides to support you on your “Waking up” and teach you how to use your daily life as the perfect tool to do so, I will support to deliberately Conceive your “heart desires” or projects. To respect your time of Pregnancy and to rely on the force of life which nourishes your “baby”; enjoy your preparation for giving Birth to your desire or project; and finally support you grow in your New Relationship both with yourself and with your new project, accepting and growing with the change that all new creation requires.

What my clients say…

CeCe Espeut Photography, Inc.

Dear Monica, 
I just want to share that my coaching with you has made a tremendous impact on my life. With your incredible support I have been able to connect to myself in a new level of consciousness, and get to know my heart deeply. I am amazed at how, in just a few sessions, you are able to support me to have the capacity to see any situation in a completely different light.
Thanks to you I am now able to relate to my mother from a space of peace, and use that practice in all of my relationships, including the one with myself. I feel so much gratitude for you. Your dedication, your love and support is beyond description… Thank you, thank you, thank you 💗🙏💗
With love in my heart, Karine Rodengen

“When I first began to work with Doctor Monica, I knew she was just the coach I needed at this time. I have had business coaches and done a lot of personal work in a group environment. Doctor Monica has been able to help me uncover and heal the dark places that I was afraid to go. Week after week we check in with my heart to see what is stirring and I can see my growth and maturity, courage and love growing with her guidance. It has not been easy, and I could not have done it without her.  Often when we do not understand our blocks and we are fearful of investing support in fear of failure. It does not matter why or how you are stuck or feeling dissatisfied, Doctor Monica will walk with you to find the path. The work with her is invaluable to my life now and towards my future as a conscious mother, sister and woman. I know the world needs my light. Monica is helping me to shine brightly. Make this investment in yourself. You are worth it.  Alice Dommert CEO Prasada

Montse Ceide“Working with Mónica is absolutely delicious, deep, liberating and transforming. She has a unique gift to connect with our feminine soul, from a total acceptance and unconditional love. I felt completely free and I could, thanks to her loving guidance, connect with deep layers of my female soul, to accept and love all the pain that was there. That generated a transformation which soon manifested itself in my daily life, generating more love and respect for myself in all aspects, allowing me to flow more easily in my personal truth. Thank you Monica. It is a joy to have met you and work with you. And greatest joy even to know that we are connected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Montse Ceide

Paula Koppel“Working with Doctor Mónica has had an impact on my life on many levels. At the most basic level, Monica has helped me discover my true nature and each week she gives me an opportunity to see more clearly who I am beyond my roles in daily life. I have discovered how to be more aware of my deepest feelings without being consumed by them, enabling my true self to be revealed. Each time I meet with Monica she creates the space for me to safely listen to what my body and heart want me to hear. Over time I have come to really understand that my feelings will melt more easily if I open to them without judgment. Listening carefully and respecting the messages my body and heart offer have enabled my body to trust me. This in turn has made it easier for me to trust life. On a very practical level, I can now see myself beyond my feelings and roles. I don’t see myself as someone who is sad, anxious or never good enough. Instead I know that at my core I am happy, calm and compassionate. This level of self understanding results in a greater sense of peace and ease in my work and relationships. Monica has helped me learn to live consciously honoring both others and my own needs, feelings and intentions. Now I often find life flows with much less effort. My mind can work efficiently and creatively. Each week, the universe graces me with new opportunities and experiences and my work with Mónica has helped me to be open and receptive to these gifts.” Paula Koppel-Founder of Age Well Be Well Wellness coach and inspiring speaker. Supporting individuals seeking to add years to their lives and LIFE to their years.

itxel“This year of coaching has evoked a deep change within myself. Before I started, I was completely identified with the wounds and the pain. And hooked up to the illusion of believing that all that was really me. Today, after working with Doctor Mónica, I feel free, joyful and capable of embracing and liberating anything life brings upon myself. At a professional level, I’d like to thank you Mónica for all your support! Thanks to you, today I feel very prepared and I enjoy a clear sense of my own WORTHINESS and my value as a coach. I’ve been able to project this healthy sense of trust and security into my clients, and I’ve witnessed the change and improvement in their lives.” Itzel Compañ Relationship Coach

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“Coaching the Feminine Way” Cycles…

I am presently living in Costa Rica and thanks to the technology I can come to your place of choice without a problem. I work internationally, by phone or Skype supporting you in the comfort of your own home or place of choice. If for whatever reason you do not enjoy the computer technology, we will use a traditional way and work by phone.

From your side, you need to book an hour of sacred time for you and your inner work, in your favorite place and with no disturbance from the outside world.

I offer 3 sessions, of 45 minutes to an hour, per month. Resting the fourth, and sometimes fifth, week of the month. Between sessions I offer unlimited contact via e-mail. I work with cycles of 3, 6 and 12 months, depending on your needs and commitment with yourself and your desires. I also offer individual sessions for already advanced clients that know my work, to dedicate ourselves exclusively to release something very concrete or to bring light and clarity to some already established project.

Your next step…

IMG_0965 I like to offer you a ‘Free Exploration Session’ where you will explore more about me and my programs while at the same time I will want to find out more about you and your situation. Then we will honestly see if my programs are suitable to truly fit your needs.

  free-first-sessionPlease sign up for  your Free Exploration Session on the upper right side of this page. Looking forward to meet you and work with you!.

In Service and Gratitude! LOVE, Mónica

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