I just joined a group of women in business and I want to offer my vision of how important it is for women to take the time to find our inner strength. Many times we think that our strength is the same as that held by masculine men and it is not.

From my experience I have noticed that to engage with my business or projects just from my valuable masculine qualities of clear direction, goal oriented, forceful will or “make things happen”, perseverance and being in mission to name some, are not heart fulfilling to me.

Why not? Because my feminine qualities of intuition, open heart, deep listening and relationship-oriented pull, to name some,  are not vibrating and supporting me. This is because I do not see it as productive for a world that is looking at the goal and not at the path. When the goal becomes more important than the quality of your moment you lose your femininity.

Qualities like focus and linear direction that are very exciting for a masculine man, without “being in our bodies” and an “inclusive” approach are not fulfilling to a feminine woman.

As a woman I want to support all women in respecting our femininity for this will bring to one the joy of experiencing life. The feminine will ask you to slow down, to be more present and to have your belly relaxed and heart open all day long.

As women we do not “create” quickly. Rather, as women, we know how to respect the flow of life. Instead of being pushy, demanding and forceful, our femininity knows how to trust, wait, allow and receive.

To bring consciousness to the different ways the feminine enjoys life is to support yourself to not end your day and life feeling dried, empty and disconnected from your own heart and self.

To consciously engage from your feminine strength while at the same time enjoying your masculine qualities of clarity, direction, perseverance and commitment in all that you do is what our world, businesses and projects need the most.  And like everything else, it all begins with our own personal depth of understanding and the embodiment of the beautiful qualities of our feminine beings.

Being balanced in all areas of your life can help you get ahead in a fulfilling way. Are you balanced in all areas of your life?

Doctor Monica & Coaching The Feminine Way