Welcome to Your Feminine Presence
and to All the Different Avenues You Can Use
to Experience your True and magnificent Destiny!



My work is dedicated
to support you as a Woman
(or Man with Heart)
to Awake Through Your Daily Life.
To Discover, Heal, Nurture and Radiate
Your Divine Feminine Presence while Healing your wounded Masculine so you can experience your True Nature as a Whole and Complete Being,
where your Feminine and Masculine energies are in perfect Balance.


Once “awake” you can influence your life and world with your Wisdom and Fulfillment.

This is a powerful inner journey and I offer different playgrounds to engage with. Let yourself be “touched” with your reading so you can sense what can be supportive to you at this moment.

Private Sessions with Coaching The Feminine Way

From the eyes of Truth, every situation in your life is a choice and an opportunity for your Awakening. It is teaching you something and it is expanding your capacity to be who you truly are, ENJOYING YOURSELF and LIFE fully. Explore Here


Celebrating Your Feminine Essence

To embody and radiate your Feminine Presence you need to know and nurture your Feminine Essence! Explore Here

Goddess Inspiration

Be inspired by 6 Greek Goddesses that can guide you and support you to Balance Yourself in all aspects of your life! Explore Here

Goddess Inanna

The most powerful Feminine Energy you can meet. She will eradicate the victim in you and bring forward your real power based on Wisdom and Love! Explore Here

Passionate Intimacy

To know the sacred dance of Feminine and Masculine is key for your fulfillment and the fulfillment of your Intimate Relationship!
Explore Here

10 Days PRIVATE COACHING in Costa Rica
with Unlimited Breath,
Arne Rantzen & Doctor Monica

Are you ready to have a PRIVATE RETREAT/FULL DEDICATION COACHING? …. Explore Here