Fall invites us to balance and reflection. It is a time where life “pushes” towards introspection and the ability to go inwards to reflect on the experiences and growth we went through during our year.
We live in times of big changes and sometimes it feels like if we were going crazy in what I call a “high speed collective train” which does not let us stop to see the possibilities this (maybe delete) change is offering us.

Why is this time of radical change a Blessing?

How can we use this time of uncertainty or loss to take a deep look in to our own lives? How can we stop the “high speed collective train” of craziness and focus on our own individualities? How can we enjoy the willingness to “see this differently” so we can wake up to the new possibilities that come directly form our open heart?

What can you do?

1. You can waste your time complaining and blaming others, the world or god about the difficulties of your life and the world.

2. You can claim your authentic power, let go of focusing on the outside world, even for a moment, and begin to look inside yourself, so you can notice your individual inner journey and realize the quality of your consciousness. Are you operating from a fearful, limiting consciousness? Or are you operating from a loving, fulfilling, abundant consciousness?

To deepen in yourself will help you to come out from the “high speed collective train” or collective consciousness of scarcity, struggle, fear or guilt, which takes you to more and more suffering.

To stop and inquire within will give you the opportunity to connect with Source, Abundance and real Happiness that are already inside you but you have not seen because you were captivated by your outside world.

To look inside and open your inner space will give you the possibility to chose the quality of your thoughts or questions that support your deepest desires.

So, begin by asking yourself:
Why can I go inwards and discover the loving, fulfilling, abundant consciousness that I am? Be curious and inquire. Allow this Creative Question to guide you to find the support that you need to finally embrace a Life of Joy and Grace.

LOVE, Monica

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