Do you know how to immediately FEEL POWERFUL and get familiar with this powerful vibration so you can experience more confidence, success and love?

Last video was about mentally conceiving the idea of you being powerful. This video will help you to understand and master the power there is in your emotions. This “energy in motion” is the one responsible for your creations in your life. Many times we think something but we do not live it, we do not feel it and we do not embody it. Well, with Creative Questions and our feminine receptivity you can focus inwards and know how to ask to your own Source for what you know is True. You then immediately begin to vibrate and easily manifest or attract whatever it is that you are looking for, in our case the Loving Power that you are.

Here, we are focusing on mastering our emotional body by practicing with a Creative Question that brings you to your own and unique inner power. This “inner power” is connected to Source, it is not a “power over anything” or “more powerful than” is a present moment power that will unfold naturally when you learn how to connect with it. Are you ready to surrender to your True Self?

After mastering our mental and emotional bodies in our next video we will master our physical body for you to experience your Feminine Power and Feminine Presence, not only when you think or feel but also when you stand up, move or walk.

Stay tune, and please let me know your comments and progress, I love to hear from you!