Woman! Let’s start by deeply knowing ourselves so we can attract powerful man to support each other in this beautiful dance of Love. Here is what one of them say:
“Woman’s basic unhappiness, her perennial discontent, is because man can no longer reach her physically. Her emotional excess, depressions, tearful frustrations, even premenstrual tension and the conditions leading to hysterectomy and other uterine problems, are due to man’s sexual failure to gather or release in lovemaking her finest, fundamental, female energies. These extraordinarily beautiful divine energies are intense and exquisite and when left untapped in woman, as they are now, they degenerate into psychic or emotional disturbances, and eventually crystallize into physical abnormalities. The womb gives birth to all things.”
Barry Long

Do you agree? To attract this kind of man, we need to know how to make love with ourselves, we need to know our energies and be comfortable with them, we need to respect and empower our Feminine Presence and then we need to choose with whom, how and when to offer the gift that we are.


LOVE, Monica


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