As we are evolving we see that even though many of us have resisted Social Media, today more than 2 billion people use it. So let’s see what we can do about it.

From my experience, I know that everything in life is reflecting our level of consciousness. Our life situations, relationships, other people, etc. are simply reflecting our believes and conditioning. 

Social Media is clearly another mirror where we can see our thoughts, ideas, and level of consciousness especially around our world, friends and people in general. It is the SOCIAL world of our time. It is a new expression of our civilization it will depend on us to use it consciously and for the benefit of ALL or not.

So let’s play and see the difference between one perspective and the other. First when Social Media is the mirror of a Conscious User and then when not.


Imagine for a moment that you are awake and your heart is open. For you, Source is inside you, one with you. You are comfortable with yourself. No secrets, nothing to hide, all is welcomed and you truly are comfortable with yourself, your life and your world. You know that you are the one creating your experiences and reacting to your situations. You know you can change and empower yourself and others because from this open heart there is no competition, no comparison, only unconditional love and compassion for everything less than Truth.

How will a person like this will engage with Social Media?

  • You will engage with Social Media from a place of love. You feel safe and accept everyone to be your friend. You are clear and know that if someone is not influencing you in a good way you can always “unfriend” and choose with who you dance. You will engage with an open heart, transparent and with nothing to hide. Some people will like you some will not and it is very ok.
  • You will engage socially, making clear posts about all that is good and right in your world. You will express your appreciation and vision for a wonderful world and you will support the causes that promote what you want instead of supporting the fight against what you do not want. You will also respect the people that do not think like you, the “negative people”, the complainers, the fighters, the righters, through blessing them and even unfriending them, if you need to, with total innocence because you know how powerful it is to choose where you put your attention on and what you entertain yourself with.
  • You will support and express Prosperity Consciousness. You will empower people; you will support them to go for their dreams. You will improve your self
    and uplift others to create the life of their choice. You will enjoy doing this.

  • When focusing on work, you will engage thinking that you have a lot to offer. You know your value, you know that you are an offering of life and you express your passion with creativity. You love what you love and you promote it lovingly and constantly. Your work is your passion and is always in progress. It is your expression and you know that you impact your world. You write positive, empowering, appreciative posts. You share your personal life happily and openly, for you the world is a safe place, a LOVING PLACE and you ENJOY IT.
  • You are not attached to any image of you. You are a vehicle, open-hearted, that expresses life with authenticity and love moment by moment. You ENJOY IT.
  • You can be free with Social Media. You can use it or can be used by it and in this case you are using it with clear purpose and intention; to be a good inspiration. You balance your life between a virtual world and your surroundings. Your attention is balanced between time online and engagement with, and appreciation of, your physical friends and family.

Now, imagine for a moment that your heart is closed, you don’t know yet who you Truly Are, your mind is addicted to complaints or victimhood, to finding faults and mistakes and that for you, Source is always outside of you. You are “alone”, or with a few that think like you, in the middle of a messed up world, influenced by everything around you. From here, the tendency is to think that everything is out there to get you, to threaten you, to make your life miserable.


How will, a person like this, unconscious of his/her True Nature, will engage with Social Media?

You do not have any power to change yourself and your world and so you go out and try to fix everything by fighting and screaming how bad they are or everything is.

  • You will engage with Social Media from fear, from lack of trust, so you will project the idea that Social Media is something not safe. Not really socializing, afraid of who is asking you to be friends, with thoughts like “they want to take advantage of me”, etc. You will have just a few friends to keep your privacy because you have “secrets” and cannot be transparent or authentic from fear of being judged or “what people will think about me”.
  • You will engage socially, making clear posts about all that is wrong in your world. You will express your disappointments, injustices and fight against all that is threatening you. You will judge the ones that do not think like you, etc.
  • You will focus a lot on scarcity and how our financial situation is caused by others.

  • You will engage thinking that you do not have very much to offer except what is wrong about your world. Your posts are not very personal or creative and you just get by trying to stay in the loop but not really enjoying this Social Media thing from your heart.
  • You can even get so attached to an ‘image of you’ that you only write posts for people to agree with you or for you to fight them. Or you can maintain the kind of “good image”, cool and positive but all the time very afraid of truly expressing yourself.
  • You can be addicted to Social Media, always immersed on your device and losing your balance in life. Even spending hours behind your computer screen, and not appreciating all your surroundings.

As we can see we have a choice. So when I ask if Social Media is good or bad, you tell me. Your stories, your thoughts, your ideas, your experiences, all of you gets reflected out in this amazing world we call Social Media.

I believe that more and more people are waking up to our True Nature or Source which brings the spiritual and physical dimensions into one. That offers us a completely different world, even a completely different Social Media world that the one the majority of people suffer from today.

As a Social Media user, you can either be a beacon of Light and Inspiration to co-create a new world; or you can be a complainer and burden to keep being the victim of your world and recreating it the way you see it.

My invitation is, open your heart, find the beacon of Light you already are and inspire your world!

LOVE, Monica