Goddess Inspiration Meditation:
Celebrating Your Feminine Essence
(21:20 Minutes)

This “Goddess Inspiration” Meditation supports you to promote and grow into your Feminine Essence, joy of life and self-love. We do this through our feminine body and organs and with the support of Creative Questions.
Very powerful!


Goddess Inspiration Meditation:
Encounter Your Inner Woman
(24:23 Minutess)

In our Goddess Inspiration Journey, we encounter many Goddess Archetypes that help us to “detach” and grow from the path that each of them offer us.

Before you begin with this meditation take the time to listen to the Introduction (4:18′) that comes with it so you can chose what aspect of your Feminine Life you want to embrace.


The Creative Question Cards include the 52 essential Good, High Frequency Questions that bring awareness and inspiration to the 52 most powerful aspects of your life.
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The Creative Questions APP!!!

For convenience, now you can pick your Creative Questions on your Smartphone/iPhone/Tablet/iPad. This APP will Remind you, periodically, to stay focused throughout the day, on your new mind-set.

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