Amazing opportunity to make a

Truth #1: Mastering Change

Do you know that you can Master Change? The unconscious “programming” we have for Change is a very damaging one because in general is generated at our painful and unconscious birth (first Change in this Life) and from there, there is a no, no, no to Change. To resist Change is to resist/suffer Life; as you know Change is inevitable and you can enjoy it or resist it. At our 13 Days Intensive with www.UnlimitedBreath.com you will bring light to this powerful topic and liberate the resistance and discomforts you have related to Change. Are you ready to free yourself?



Truth #2: Conscious Creation

Are you a Conscious Creator? I know you are a creator but I don’t know if you are conscious of how this world reflects your creations. Such an important topic will be fully explored and deeply understood at our www.UnlimitedBreath.com intensive here in Costa Rica. Join us and enjoy a big step forward in mastering the Conscious Creator that You are.



Truth #3: Natural Breathing
To free your breath from wounds and limitations is to reconnect with your NATURAL BREATHING, a beautiful, effortless Breathing that is natural and in alignment with your True Nature. At our 13 Days Intensive Healing Journey www.UnlimitedBreath.com you will explore and liberate the resistance and limitations you have to Your Natural Breath. You will experience a fulfilling and joyful Breath which will be reflected in a Natural and Fulfilling Life.




Truth # 4: Choosing Awareness
Do you know that to be AWARE is a CHOICE? Especially at the beginning…..the freer you are the easier it gets to constantly CHOOSE AWARENESS. So, free yourself from wounds and limitations and make your life easier. With this Truth you will explore and liberate the resistance and limitations you have to BE AWARE, something your ego-mind will constantly sabotage until it becomes natural to CHOOSE AWARENESS CONSTANTLY.




Truth # 5: Changing Habits
Who said that we are “animals of habits”? I do and I heard this from T. Harv Eker and many other leaders of today. In this 5th True to Empowered Living you will bring Light to the most powerful and limiting habits we have as humans and you will have the opportunity to free yourself from them. Are you ready to be more who you truly are?




Truth # 6: Optimum Living
Ok, here we are at the last True to Empowered Living, we call it “Optimum Living” and it has to do with facing the concept of “death” and the unconscious fear of Life we all have until we realize out Eternal True Nature. VERY POWERFUL!!! Can you imagine yourself free of fear of death and fully engaged with Life in all aspects? Then Life becomes the miracle it was meant to be…. EASY, SUPPORTIVE, CREATIVE, JOYFUL, PEACEFUL, LOVING and FULFILLING. You become a YES to what is, resistance is gone and OPTIMUM LIVING is here.

If you experience limitations and you are ready to FREE yourself to experience your TRUE-SELF, this powerful inner work will propel you to a new level of LIFE. Come and join us in this powerful inner and outer adventure to become free of illusions and grounded in TRUTH.

Please share with your friends, who knows who is ready and can benefit from this amazing work. Thank you!

Looking forward to welcome you here!
LOVE, Monica