Are you familiar with a
VIP Awakening Coaching Day?



A VIP Awakening Day is an opportunity for you to “retreat yourself” from your home, office or routine to bring LIGHT to whatever aspect of your life needs your attention. It is a dedicated day to you and your moment.

When you take time for yourself to explore, release, transform and integrate without any other distraction you can truly take a big step forward in your life or situation. When you have time for you, you can relax, open up and see the Truth beyond the appearances.

Every experience you have in life is for your highest good and Awakening and when you know how, it is very easy to see the light and the guidance that all experience contains.

When you know you need to grow, change or face something in your life, to take some you-time can be very supportive. It can give you the “distance” and “space” to see any difficulty with perspective and it can also allow your creative power to flow because instead of “stuck” or worry you are having time for you and your inner world.

Off course this is much easier said than done but with a VIP Awakening Day dedicated to YOU and YOUR MOMENT in life it can be very easy and fulfilling.

With your VIP Awakening Day, you give yourself a break with the possibility to come back home lighter, refreshed and with clarity and energy to support yourself and your true heart desires.


A VIP Awakening Coaching Day can take from 4 hours to 6 hours distributed in a full day ONLY FOR YOU. You will need to have internet so we can work through Skype or in person if you are in Osa, Costa Rica. You will need privacy and a safe space to engage with your inner work without disturbance from the outside. You will need to have some time for you after the session to allow the integration of the session.

The appreciation for a VIP Awakening Session is $400. If you have never worked with me before we need to talk and make sure my work fits your needs.

Please, email me at to schedule your VIP Awakening Day. I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill up so we can focus on what is important for you at this very moment of your life.

In Service and Gratitude,
LOVE, Monica