This year I had a new understanding about the gifts of the Three Kings.

I see how the Three Kings, representing the material world, wealth, government, politics, civilization, etc. bow down before the Son of God or Christ.

When we wake up to our Christ energy, our material world is prostrated at the feet of our Christ or Inner Being.
Imagine prostrating your finances, health, politics, work, relationships, etc. to Your Inner Being. To put your spirit in front of everything, bow it all at the feet of your Spirit or Soul. To be guided in all aspects of your life by your Inner Being.
With this and in a natural way, The Source will give you all what You (your Inner Being) need or want. From this place of fullness and Well-Being you are offered everything.
Open up to your Inner Being and receive all material goods effortlessly and joyfully.
All this at the foot of your Inner Being. Just BE THAT, your Inner Being!


Happy Magic Kings Night!